Please join us for a LIVE CD & DVD recording
to Promote and Benefit
Autism Awareness and a Scholarship Fund

This inspiring event will be held at “The Potter’s House”
5119 Normandy Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL
June 24th 2006 at 6:00 pm

Dr. Julie Buckley from Pediatric Partners of Ponte Vedra will be there to discuss the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now)
approach she uses to assist in the HEALING process of children with Autism and Autistic like symptoms.
(904) 543-1288

Delores Callahan will also be there to discuss the cause and purpose of
The LC Callahan Scholarship Fund.
A variety of guest artists, national and regional, will be joining us for this worthy cause, they include:
Jacqueline Smith    904-683-9248
Donna Jackson        904-252-6044
Richard Christie Jr. 904-349-0571

I am looking forward to seeing you there! – Richard Christie Jr.    

Merry Tomlinson Bartley
Sheila Clayton Christie
Judith Christie McAllister
Beth Martelli
Tim Jackson
Ray Whitley
Ylonda Stover
Karen Winston Roziers