The Beneficiaries


The HEAL! Foundation is a non-profit foundation co-founded by Dr. Julie Buckley of Pediatric Partners in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Dr.
Buckley is the mother of an autistic daughter, and a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Practitioner, who along with other DAN! Practitioners around
the world are witnessing phenomenal results in their patients, who through the use of primarily, nutritional supplements – safe substances
that the human body routinely depends upon to keep the brain and body functioning smoothly and safely, are finding that Autism is
treatable, and giving hope that our children will be able to take an active role in society.  

Autism is a developmental disability that typically involves delays and impairment in social skills, language, and behavior.  Autism is a
spectrum disorder, meaning that it affects people differently.  Some children may have speech, whereas others may have little or no
speech. Less severe cases may be diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) or with Asperger’s Syndrome (these children
typically have normal speech, but they have many “autistic” social and behavioral problems.  Left untreated, many autistic children will not
develop effective social skills and may not learn to talk or behave appropriately.  Very few individuals recover completely from autism without
any intervention. The good news is that there are a wide variety of treatment options, which can be very helpful. Some treatments may lead
to great improvement, whereas other treatment options may have little or no effect.

Autism is an epidemic that now touches the lives of 1 in 166 children; 4 out of 5 of those children are boys.  Autism lives in 1 of 68 families.  
Three children an hour are diagnosed.  Everyone knows someone on the Autism Spectrum.

The HEAL! Foundation has a simple goal: Healing Every Autistic Life.  Healing through research. Healing through treatment.  Healing
through education.  Healing through awareness.  And healing, through prevention.  

Indeed healing through prevention – for affected families will all say they wish for not one more child to be afflicted as theirs has.  To know
that the rate of autism was decreasing  - this will help to heal many broken hearts.

Healing through awareness – to have others understand the impact that autism has on a child and their family, to understand what autism is
and that it is treatable – this will begin to help heal a community.

Healing though education – particularly of our youth.  So that fear and unkindness can be replaced by knowledge and understanding of the
child who lives within. So that when parents are gone, a grown child can anticipate, from his peers, inclusion in and participation with
society.  This will help to heal a family.  

Healing through treatment – at a cost over a lifetime of up to $5 million dollars per individual who requires lifelong support, recovery is cost-
effective and will help to heal a nation.

Healing through research – this is where the healing begins.  Funds are urgently needed for the research that is, every day, discovering
and then teaching us how to recover more and more children from the abyss of autism.  Research – it will help to heal us all.

Dr. Buckley is currently the only DAN! Practitioner in the northeast Florida area.  The DAN! Project is sponsored by the Autism Research
Institute (ARI),  In their desperation for hope, parents are becoming familiar with her name, and are
bringing their children to her office, in record numbers.  Dr. Buckley plans to build a facility that will first, provide a formal education to her
young patients, since many are unable to enroll in the public school’s traditional and/or specialized classroom setting, as well as to house
her medical staff, nurses, therapists, etc. within the same facility, to meet the needs of the students and to achieve the goal of Healing Every
Autistic Life.

The Lawrence Charles Callahan Scholarship Fund

The late Bishop Lawrence Charles Callahan, Sr. was born on February 20, 1945 to the late James and Valrie Callahan in Palatka, Florida.
His family later relocated to Jacksonville, Florida where he attended the local schools.  After completing high school, he later attended
Edward Waters College, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  

On Sunday, February 29, 1976 while watching Rev. Ernest Angsley on television, God planted the seed of salvation in Bishop Callahan.
Rev. Angsley prophesied that a number of souls would be saved-that ultimately included the Bishop’s soul.  Right there, in front of the
television, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  He then joined Faust Temple Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of Elder
W.F. Faust.  On May 21, 1976, it was there, three months later, where he accepted the call to the ministry and delivered his trial sermon to
the congregation.

In just three short years, he was led by the Holy Spirit to start a church.  Bishop Callahan pondered how he’s started a church with no
money.  God inspired him through a dream in which numerous teenagers were trying to get into his house, to use what he had - his home.  
After the dream, he declared “I’ll start here,” with two chair facing each other in his house.  The church officially began on November 25,

The church quickly outgrew the Callahan residence, and Bishop Callahan longed for a building.  As an act of faith, he laid hands on a
structure on Clyde Drive, praying to God that it would one-day house Philippian
Community Church.  The Lord not only blessed him to purchase that building, but in just six years later the Lord blessed him to build a 1200-
seat facility on New Kings Road.  2,000 people, far beyond the building’s capacity attended the dedication service.  It was at this location
that the ministry continued its growth and began to reach the world via radio, television, print and evangelism. Since that time, Bishop
Callahan envisioned a Prayer Tower; state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility; bookstore and an almost 8,000-square foot sanctuary
expansion.  Today, the ministry has been a source of redemption, healing and salvation for people all over the world.  Bishop Callahan
parlayed these experiences into five books and six musical recordings.

Bishop Callahan had been blessed with numerous honors and recognition, including:

 Seeing the proclamation of “Lawrence Callahan, Sr. Day” in Jacksonville, Florida; Hampton, Virginia; the State of Florida and Atlanta,
 Recipient of an Honorary Doctorate Degree
 Establishing a national television ministry, which aired on Black Entertainment Television, INSP Network and local networks in New Mexico,
Georgia, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Orlando.
 Expanding the church’s sanctuary from a 1,200 to a 3,500-seat facility – with no bank financing!
 Founding a Biblical Studies Institute
 Release of six musical recordings
 Author of five books  

He was a man of high regard, a husband, father, brother, pastor, mentor, friend, and entrepreneur. He was predestined by God to teach
and lead God’s people.  It was these characteristics, coupled by God’s grace and favor, that caused him to become known as a “Drum
Major of the South” – an enthusiastic leader of many.  

His legacy continues through this scholarship fund and most of all through the lives that he touched especially his wife of 34 years, Delores,
and their sons, Lawrence Charles Jr. and Carlos Troy. The L C Callahan Scholarship is presented annually to students who have graduated
or are about to graduate from high school and will be matriculating or enrolling in an accredited two or four year college in a program
leading to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.