Project Overview

Purpose: Awareness
Theme: “When the Righteous Cry...”

Through Sponsorship / Donations: raise $150,000.00 for the planning, production, manufacturing and marketing of the
project. Also to raise $50,000.00 for each named organization.

Proposal:  To produce a CD and DVD that captures the true essence of the live recording to inspire, motivate and lift the
spirits of the listener. A portion of every sale of the CDs and DVDs will be applied to the named organizations. Any
donations given that are beyond the amount needed for the event will be split equally and given to the named

Plan: Record 1
5 songs related to the theme. Promote the project nationally and internationally using known working
distribution channels including Wal-Mart and the World Wide Web. Artists’ style and genre vary for wide marketability.
The theme will be the cohesive thread throughout the project.

Artists include:

Sheila Christie – (selected to sing at Donnie McClurkins Back To Holiness Conference / Regional Artist)
Judith Christie McAllister – (International Praise & Worship Leader)
Karen Roziers – (Hampton University Vocal Major – won numerous awards  / Regional Artist)
Ray Whitley – (performs in various venues throughout the country)
Bruce Allen – (of the Stellar award winning group Allen & Allen / International Artist)
Tim Jackson – (Worship Leader at the Potters House, occasionally travels with the Pastor)
Ylonda Stovers-(Formerly of the  National group Witness)
Beth Martelli –(Music director at Holiday Hill Baptist Church)
Merry Rachel- (radio personality / Executive Music Director New Covenant Church)

Recording: Maurice Henderson – multi award winning Producer on international projects

Mastering: Earle Holder – Atlanta, Georgia – Worldwide Award Winning Mastering Engineer

Videographer: Kirby Hamilton – experience include NFL videographer and regional commercials

The Potters House, Jacksonville FLORIDA
5119 Normandy Blvd, 32205

Scheduled date: 24th of June 2006, 6:00 pm

We are accepting tax deductible donations please call 904-349-0571
for more information!
Thank you!