Daniel’s Story: Breaking Personal Silence to bring about Public Awareness

My name is Sheila Christie.  My husband Richard and I are the parents of Daniel Isaiah Christie, our six-year-old son
diagnosed with Autism as a result of Vaccine Injuries.  Daniel is the youngest of three siblings.  He was born on October 26,
1999.  He was an adorably handsome, nine pound thirteen ounce healthy baby boy.  The doctors and nurses in the Nursery at
the hospital gave him the title of “Baby of the Month.”  He was absolutely adorable, and smiled at everyone.

         On October 27th, Daniel came home to a 3-½ year old brother, a 1-½ year old sister, and loving parents who were
celebrating his birth.  As an infant Daniel progressed consistently, was normal, and transitioned well into toddlerhood.  At
fifteen months he was saying his bedtime prayers, and would stop praying if he heard us praying with him.  He wanted to say
them by himself.  He often showed early signs of independence.  I was somewhat heartbroken because I wanted him to take his
time being a baby, especially since we decided that he would be our last one.

        On June 18, 2002 Daniel and his siblings were playing on the floor in our bedroom, while I stood in the adjacent
bathroom combing my hair.  They were laughing and playing well, as they were accustomed to doing.  I always kept a close
watch and stayed nearby because they were still small children, and I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. After I finished in the
bathroom, I told the children that I was finished, and that their playtime was over.  Everyone got up and ran out of my room,
except for Daniel.  He was laying on the floor on his back, staring at the ceiling, so I looked up at the ceiling to see what he was
staring at, saw nothing, and again told him to,” Get up.”  He still didn’t respond, so I told him, “I’m going to tickle you,” which
usually caused him to get up and run from me, hoping that I would catch him and tickle him.  He loved to play, and it still very
ticklish.  After he didn’t respond this time, I looked at him closer, and he laid there as if he was in a trance. I knew that
something was terribly wrong.  I yelled to my husband and told him that something was wrong with Daniel.  I then called his
physician with the symptoms.

         Daniel was admitted to the hospital within the hour, and was kept for two days. I answered many physicians’ questions,
including that ”Yes,” his immunizations were current, but I didn’t like how he responded to his recent Measles, Mumps and
Rubella (MMR) immunization.  He received numerous tests, including neurology. After two days he was released with “no
medical answers” from the doctors regarding this incident. All of the tests that were given appeared normal.  According to
them, he was a fine, healthy toddler that just may have had the “wind knocked out of him” while horse playing.

         Over the next several months Daniel continued to regress.  He lost his speech, suffered memory and hearing loss, and
refused to master potty training.  He constantly cried and whined to communicate, and screamed at loud noises.  He would sit
and play by himself in his own world, as if he no longer knew that we existed. He often quickly flapped his arms as if to imitate a
bird.  After months of repeatedly taking him to his pediatricians for answers, we were told that “There is nothing to be
concerned about at his age, because this is typical behavior for boys, they are often slow developers.”  We demanded to see
an ear, nose and throat specialist, and at the end of his first visit to the specialist, Daniel was immediately scheduled for
surgery to receive Eustachian tubes. Just as we suspected, he had lost hearing in both ears. From that moment on, we knew
that we would have to be an advocate for our son’s restoration to good health.

       Dr. Julie Buckley came highly recommended for our son’s symptoms.  We first heard of her through a newspaper article
about a mother with a child that had the same symptoms as Daniel. After being examined by Dr. Buckley, Daniel was
diagnosed with Vaccine related Injuries that produced Autistic-like symptoms.  His case was severe. I explained to her that the
symptoms began just a few weeks after his MMR vaccination.  After undergoing several blood tests, it was also discovered that
Daniel had excessively high levels of mercury in his body.  The mercury-based preservative in his MMR, called Thimerosal,
produced the Autistic-like symptoms. Dr. Buckley immediately suggested changing his diet to a gluten-free, casein-free diet,
and began intervention.

     Today, nineteen months after his diagnosis, Daniel is a very outgoing child. He is receiving occupational and speech
therapy, and is becoming quite a communicator. He attends a specialized school, enjoys reading, and loves to initiate playing
tag at home just so we can once again tickle him. Daniel still has major challenges to overcome, and has yet to catch up with
his peers, but we’ll be right there guiding and helping him through these difficult times to shape him to become the child he was
purposed to be. We’re even looking forward to his college graduation!

    Having lived through such an experience, we are committed to being an advocate to “Get The Word Out,” to raise public
awareness about children and Vaccine Injuries.  Many children have already been misdiagnosed just as Daniel initially was, but
I believe once their parents and leaders are informed, they can and will use that knowledge to reverse what appears to be a
hopeless situation. Vaccine related Injury is treatable. It can be overcome!